hallava: (Default)
( May. 12th, 2009 09:30 pm)
The new layout looks awesome. The header picture was taken by my dad during May Day when they were at Kittilä. Really pretty picture and when I realised they had updated a option to add background picture - of course I had to do it ;D

I'm watching Generation Kill's last episode. Alexander Skarsgård - though I have to admit I would've never excepted myself to say something like this about Swedish guy - is fucking hawt. :D Especially when he has blonde hair and plays ancient Viking vampire (True Blood, folks, True Blood). But he looks good at here, too.

And you know, I even remember how his name is spelled - FTW!

edit. omigawd. The end of this episode - them playing American football without shirts on. Those bodies. Just. Drool.