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([personal profile] hallava May. 7th, 2009 06:26 pm)
Why do they always hide the body in the TV series? It's oblivious that they will get caught and yet, they think they will get away with it. Why won't no one say: "I've seen this on TV. We will get caught and thrown into the jail. It could be that the police won't believe it was self-defence but still it would be better idea NOT TO HIDE THE BODY!"

Why, oh, why?

And as an random side note: One of the most amusing way to get build up a story:
I wanna write about gang wars. And vampires and shifters. So there'll be a assassin/jack of all trades who does jobs for both sides. And humans will rule because they are humans. Yes, yes.

Then read just too many books where are immortal, totally hot male species who fight against evil forces (Kresley Cole, J.R Ward, Sherillyn Kenyon etc) and wonder why aren't they ever gay? I wanna make my own hot and strong immortals who work for Secret Organization and Do Stuff and they are going to be gay.

Then join the two ideas together and voilá. You get Something.
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I know, rite? They go all, 'ZOMG he hit his head and died! I was there! They must think I did it! LET'S ATTEMPT TO SMUGGLE THE BODY TO THE NEAREST SWAMP WHERE ALLIGATORS WILL EAT EEEEET~!"

Sorry. Stupidity makes my head hurt. :3

- Katri

PS. We got a code! We're here (and we're queer). Hi.