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([personal profile] hallava Aug. 2nd, 2009 11:10 pm)
Read Rachel Caine's Weather warden series. It seemed really interesting the the two first books were good. The main character, Joanne, fell in love with a djinn. David is a nice character so I was like 'yay' and then the third book happened. Srsly.

It's great to have trust in a relationship. "Of course I trust you" sort of thing but David took it a bit too far for my liking. In the middle of sex scene D started asking if J trusted him and J was sceptical at first but then said yes. And oh, lord, I think he used some kind of spell to make her pregnant. Without telling her. And it was for her protection.

He didn't even ask whether she wanted a child!? Or what she thought about children or anything! Even though it was for her protection and it did save her but still! I just read it open mouthed and wondered was the author really, really serious!? And then I did my all-time-favourite-thing and went to Amazon to read user comments about the book and none of them said anything about it.

"Do you trust me?"
"*mumbling a spell in djinn language*"
MC: It's. It's love!

and zam, she's pregnant. And she wasn't even that angry about it. Urgh. I just can't get over it, which is the reason I haven't started yet reading the fourth book.

One Amazon reviewer actually says "She learns about the nature of love."

YES! The nature of love! Get the woman pregnant - screw pro-choice etc! Yes! Everyone wants babies!

*head explodes*

Ah. *rebuilds her head* Gandalf died. I'm watching Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and reading Arda slash. Legolas and Elrohir. I think Legolas/the twins are the best ménage out there ^.^

And on another sidenote: Laurell K. Hamilton amuses me. She claims to be the pioneer of her genre. LOL.
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