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([personal profile] hallava Jul. 2nd, 2009 01:55 pm)
Lately I've been reading a lot of paranormal romance. In fact I've been reading them for the past year. I think :D

I started with Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series since I heard about it on online and wanted to know what it was about. I became a fan. Nowadays my favourite writes consist (but are not limited to) Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Ilona Andrews etc.

Anygays. The more I've read about paranormal romance the more I've noticed that most authors tend to hit the rock bottom after few books. The series start out great but then there's some glitch or plot thingie that just goes on and on, or the characters don't develop at all and every book is like the previous. Hamilton did that. The whole 'Marmee Noir' thing was kind of interesting but then in Skin Trade, she suddenly dealt the problem very unsatisfyingly. I hope there's more to it because that was just blergh. I've hopes for Hamilton.

Kim Harrison, on the other hand? I read the first four books. I liked the first and the second. The third and the fourth were okay. Why? Because the whole Rachel/Ivy thing. Ok. I don't have anything against lesbian/bisexuals ('cause I'm one myself) but in her books - eh. It's depressing, really. I started to read the fifth book, feeling awfully bored because Harrison hasn't really done anything to Rachel and Ivy. Ivy angsts too much and Rachel isn't that interesting main character in the end. Ugh.

I absolutely detest Richard in Hamilton's books and Rachel and Ivy are a bit like Anita and Richard except Ivy angsts a lot more and they don't argue and they live together.

It's sad that some authors just don't know how to develop the situation or the characters. They are stuck, repeating the same arguments over and over again and it gets on my nerves. And I really hate that third parties (Jenks, Kisten etc) pressure Rachel to sleep with Ivy even though Rachel isn't even bisexual. She's a hetero and you should never have sex if a third party pressures you to it. Ugh.

Anygays. Now that I got that off my chest (ah, it feels so much lighter). I haven't updated in awhile 8D Whoopsie. Right now I'm feeling mighty bored and thought I should update this journal and then maybe do some makeover and things.

On a side note: I'm feeling vastly amused by romance writers thoughts about male POV. Simple, ruthless, unforgiving, overbearing. Hah.
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Still need to read skin trade, though I feel no overwhelming urge to bother ><; Honestly, it's not like I expect anything overly brilliant... but. Sigh.

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